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Are you a new writer struggling to get ideas for the articles you need to write? If so, you are not alone. It takes time and practice for any writer, no matter how good or how well trained, to learn to come up with good article ideas quickly. So do not be discouraged. Instead, learn from the advice of other writers. I can give advice about article writing because it is what I do.

My first bit of advice is simple: write about what you love. Any time I come to a stand still about things to write about I go back to the things I am passionate about. I may not be able to write a very convincing article about why all children should watch professional wrestling (because I don’t believe it is true) but I may be able to write an amazing article about the importance of families eating dinner together at the end of a long day (because I believe it is true and important). Article writing must come from things that matter to you. Reflect upon the things you value and let those give you ideas for writing.

Another simple piece of advice I’ll give about writing articles is to read. That’s right: read. Every single good writer I know is a consistent reader. Why? Because we can learn from reading the work of other writers. It is one of the most valuable things any writer can do. Reading keeps us involved in language and even fuels new ideas for article writing. So when you’re stuck just pick up a magazine and read an article or two. Don’t be afraid of copying. The more you read the less chance you have of copying something you’ve read.

It is important to think about your audience before you begin writing an article of any kind. It is always wise as a writer to try to write articles that will somehow connect with your audience and affect their lives. Just as you want to write about things that matter to you, so you should write about things that matter to them. No one will read articles that they could care less about. So look for ways to learn what people care about most. Do surveys or talk to your friends that read articles. Readers are the best source for writers.

Article writing can be fun and exciting. Just take your time, relax, and enjoy it. You will never last long at something you hate.



MY 1st Nomination :)

Thanks for being nominated as “THE VERY INSPIRING AWARD”  @



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Seven new things about me 

1. I am coffee addict! 

2. I don’t eat beef, but I prefer corned beef!

3. I love learning different languages

4. Biggest Dream: To be a Motivational Speaker Someday

5. I love Music and kind of Music

6. I eat a lot, like theres no tomorrow!! ahahah. 😀

7. Last but not the least, I love collecting wristwatches and baseball cap 

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A Blog to Generate Leads for Your Business

By now, you should have some idea of what a ‘blog’ is. To keep it simple, a blog is sort of an online journal – which may include text entries called posts, videos, audio, photos and other web links.  

A blog is mostly about a person’s daily experiences, however, there are blogs which cater to a wide array of the ‘blogging’ public – ranging from topics like food, different crafts, health, family, politics, spirituality, books or movies – almost anything under the sun.

Because of the immense popularity of blogging, it is being practiced by millions of online users all over the world. This popularity and the widespread awareness of blogging is now being used by business owners  as a means to reach out a particular market and earn an income for their business.

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