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RnB, Love, Rock, Pop and OPM


Shes all That, Smallville, Kyle XY, Lost, Dirty Sexy Money, Slumdog Millionaire, Lake House, John Tucker Must Die, 7Pounds, Constantine, The Notebook, legally blonde, Death Note


MYX, MTV, LOST, KYLE XY, Smallville.. Talentadong Pinoy


The Secret, Harry Potter, When Opposites Attract


Volleyball, Badminton, Billiards and Taekwondo


Collecting Caps wristwatches, gadgets, meeting new Friends


To reach the unreachable star! To have a huge, green 2 storey house with white picket fence and pool… To be a portrait of an Icon & To earn a Six Figure salary!! LOL! To have dinner A la Carte w/ Shaquel O’neal…

Best Features:

I dont know… LOL.. they say My Killer smile!! jejeje!! IS THAT TRUE???

About Me:

Simple and Compassionate—–.. =)

Fashion style:

“I like comfortable clothes, but then at the same time, i love fashion, especially the sports apparel…I have fun trying new stuff, but then i try to mix it up with my basic comfortable styles. I really love to shop, hopefully in Hongkong , coz they so much cheap funky stuff that can stand by itself or that you can mix and match with anything. Here of course.. Her Bench, Get Loud and Ukay2x! LOL!

My everyday life:

With my age now—I’m not that younger anymore—Iput eye cream coz Im really scared na eh.. But I still use soap and water only that’s it, i keep it simple. I don’t usually put anything on my face when i go out, i just put some lipstick and powder and sunblock will do.

Life Tagline

Live with no excuses & love with no regrets, when life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.

My Prayer::

Dear God, Most of us always desire a perfect situation, a perfect life . Yet , you my Lord , do not grant a perfect life. What you give instead is a perfect heart in the midst of an imperfect life. Teach me to be cheerful, hopeful, smiling a midst imperfections and to enjoy your wondrous blessings every moment in time, Amen..

Luv isnt always lyk fairytale:

There are people who give so much love to those who don’t love them back. There are some who feel so loved and find out in the end that they were fooled. There are some who’s into mutual love but can;t call their partner as their own because someone already holds the title. There are some who give so much love but the other won’t believe because they always consider you past. There are some who receive so much love but can’t seem to move on from previous relationship. Or other just want to play the game and choose their playmate. Now… Which story is yours?

=): FACT

There are people those people who don’t like me.. People who criticize how i run my lyf People who just say things things that hurt me People who do things to give me pain People who will never understand my principle in life People who keep trying to put me down and tell bad things behind my back But through it all, I struggle to prove them my self … That… “I did not exist just to please them”.

Picking Ur Chocolate:

What really matters in picking your chocolate is not the sweetness, but its capability of making you happy no matter how bitter it could sometimes get. You can always crave for any, but there always be that special chocolate that enough for you to 4get the rest…


Not all people that’s good to you are true to you as well… so learn to weigh things … be vigilant enough to secure what’s yours …Provide boundary to your conversations…Coz you’ll never know when a pretending good person turns into a deceitful “asshole”. Have a nice day Fellas!!

What she eats:

I eat a lot! Like there’s no tomorrow, especially when i’m depressed, I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full..But you know i like having sweets before and after d meal. “I’m a coffee addict, really!! I want to taste all kinds of coffee worldwide… I need my coffee every mowning or I am unable to function..I eat any kinds of food.. Adobo, Kare-kare and Caldereta are my favourites..

Night Outs:

I used to go out Bars a lot..but now, i think it comes with age that i just like having a nice dinner trying a new restaurant, having a good conversations with friends with a bottle of wine or enjoying a nice movie. I try not to splurge, but If I want to have a good dinner and wine, probably around P300- P1000. If it’s necessary, i like it if with good company, its okay to splurge once in a while..

Girls beware:

Don’t accept open drink from anyone at a public party.. it could be spiked with GHB (“G”, a liquidecstacy, “homeboy”, booster growth” hormone) the date rape drug. It has no color and odor. It takes effect after 1—20 minutes and lasts up to 4hrs, the victim either falls into a deep sleep or loses consciousness altogether. Another drug that can easily slipped in your drink is “K” (ketamine), an anaesthetic used on horses. Very dangerous when mixed with alcohol and other depressants, and when taken in excessive amounts, can cause unconsciousness. Coz it allows out-of-body experiences, its very popular among clubgoers.

After 8pm:

I always have this after 8pm.. A lady’s drink, for me its very sweet, you can drink a lot of it and not notice that you’re getting drunk! Ingredients are…3 parts of orange juice, a jigger of Malibu Vodka, and a jigger of Triple sec rhum.. That’s it!!

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