Writing your first E-book

ImageHave you ever thought of writing an e-book? Writing an e-book can be a boring process. It’s quite possible you start writing an e-book and may never end it. In order to overcome such a situation it’s quite important that you make a strict schedule for yourself to write. One of the best ways to complete an e-book is to just go on writing without having to wonder what the next sentence would actually be. Points to be considered at the time of writing an e-book

Decide an appealing tile for your e-book:

It’s very important to have an effective headline for your e-book. Effective title attracts people by creating a curiosity in them to read. A title should be such that it helps your readers to find answer to questions.

Choose your audience:

It’s very important that you choose your audience before actually starting to write your e-book. Decide which type of audience will benefit from your subject. Take into consideration different factors like age, caste, culture, social background and education of the audience you want to attract.

Creating the document:

Once you are done with the foundation of your e-book you can start writing the main body of your e-book. One of the best options to maintain your document is to write in MS Word. Writing in Ms Word can help you revise your document as and when you need it. You can also keep a check on any spelling errors in the process. Choose a font size that can be easy to read for people of all age groups. Avoid using too many fonts as this may irritate your readers.

Last of all create your e-book. Once you are done all you have to do is publish your e-book online, and wait for download request from your website visitors.


5 thoughts on “Writing your first E-book

  1. Would love to, but where to start.
    If I did one it would be on Sport or my Disability or some nonsense like that.

    What would be your perfect Story to tell.


    1. Take some time to yourself and write down how your condition limits you on a daily basis.Include some sports you want to write or anything, write a story. Have this journal available to you at all times so that if you experience a difficulty during the day you can make a note of it.

      1. Good idea..
        The reason I started this blog. And some say I REALLY share my life, I did so on the pretence I could come back and read an old blog and look and think “That was a $h1t day” So I kinda use this as a journal if that makes sense.

        Thanks for the reply
        Shaun x

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